About Your Hosts

In April 2019 John was diagnosed with an Ocular Melanoma, a form of eye cancer. Unfortunately it’s very rare and often metastatic with a high degree of mortality.

In between hospital visits while trying to process everything John got to thinking about what he’d wanted to do with his life and what he was going to leave behind for his family.

He’d always liked the thought of building something in nature, something truly beautiful and unique. After spending many years living amongst and protecting the woodland on an estate in Cornwall, he wanted something that would truly signify his appreciation for all that is natural.

Instead of waiting around to see what was going to happen, John set to work creating his masterpiece.

All of the materials and interiors were carefully considered in order to celebrate natural elements whilst exuding opulence. It was important to John that visitors got a full sense of their surroundings whilst being completely enveloped by the ambience and romance of the treehouse.

John is passionate about protecting the history of the woods and understood that visitors to his treehouse would likely want modern luxuries. He kept this in mind whilst making each decision and watching his vision come to life.

The Cornish Treehouse received it’s first visitor early in 2022 and luckily John was still around to welcome them personally.

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